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Scientific Technologies and the Natural World


Christine Nguyen and April Kawaoka are both natives of Los Angeles. Influenced by their surroundings, Christine and April's artistic approaches and processes are widely varied, from Christine's crystallized vegetation and cyanotypes to April's sandblasted acrylic sheets and metal components. Christine's work emphasizes the expansiveness of nature and imagination, while April's work primarily draws upon unnatural constructions and technologies. The parallel between their artwork lies in the hopefulness that nature's steady growth will prevail. This collaboration was an exciting opportunity to combine technical processes and aesthetics, while simultaneously evoking new perceptions and ideas of science, technology, and the vast world around us.

Collaboration with April Kawaoka

             At First Light (Mt. Wilson), cyanotype, salt crystals, pine cones, didactic panel (2012)    Ocean (Leo Carrillo State Beach), cyanotype, salt crystals, mussel shells, sea weed, didactic panel (2012)    Bones and Barnacles (Salton Sea), cyanotype, salt crystals,barnacles, fishbones, didactic panel (2012)    collaborative    collaborative    collaborative    April Kawaoka    April Kawaoka    April Kawaoka