artwork by


copyright 2009

17' 6"x 105'
vinyl on glass

Silver Line Manchester Station; Los Angeles, CA
Commissioned by Metro (Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority)

The project was to create a design that will go on to vinyl and then went on existing glass canopy structures. There are two canopies at the Silver Line, Manchester station in Los Angeles. Each canopy is 17' x 6" x 105'. For this designed, I incorporated my photobased process where I draw and paint on layers of mylar. It then goes through a photographic process which is translated into digital files that can be translated into various substrates, in this case vinyl.

My concept for the design is to have traveling beings in this imaginary underwater world. One canopy represents the color of light in the day and the other by dusk. The passengers will experience the changes as they commute to and fro. I wanted to create something that was meditative and also referenced the flora and fauna of Los Angeles.